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Develop as a Manager

April 27, 2023

Leadership is a people-centric discipline. Doing it effectively requires that you build your self-awareness and understand the varied personalities, strengths, and blind spots on your team. 


My User Manual is designed with the leader in mind. It helps you cut right to the heart of the dynamics that, left unexamined, can lead to tension, frustration, and lost productivity within teams and relationships. Even if you’re not a natural “people person,” we’ll give you a framework for unlocking new understanding and appreciation among the humans on your team. 


  • Set clear expectations. It’s incumbent on leaders to lay out expectations with their employees. That includes simple things like the hours people are expected to be available to the behaviors you most value in the people who work for you. We’ll help you share this information in a way that gets everyone aligned for success. 
  • Tailor your leadership approach. You know the Golden Rule: treat others like you’d want to be treated. But good leadership requires a higher standard, the Platinum Rule: treat others like they want to be treated. When everyone on your team has created their own User Manual, you can customize how you give feedback, what work you assign, and much more to best engage the unique individuals on your team. 
  • Mediate and harmonize. When there are interpersonal issues on your team, nine times out of ten are poorly understood personality dynamics that are coming into conflict. Maybe one employee is a dedicated planner, frustrated by the push to immediate action by an execution-minded colleague. Or perhaps one person’s concise communication style is meant to save time—but it’s coming off to others as rude. Creating User Manuals surfaces these differences. You’ll be better able to end toxicity and use people’s differences productively once your team has a shared language for talking about their distinct personalities and working styles.  


Ready to enrich your leadership approach? Create My User Manual now.

Get a concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do.